What is Dell Display Manager?

What is Dell Display Manager?

The Dell Display Manager improves everyday performance through extensive management tools, which offer an optimal screen experience and efficient display management. The manager also enables simple, effortless multitasking. This article will consider the functionality of Dell Display Manager.

Dell on the marketplace

If you start listing the most famous computer manufacturers, then many users will first of all name Dell. Indeed, this company occupies the top position in all ratings. This is one of the largest manufacturers of personal computers, laptops, and other computer equipment in the world – the range is very wide. All Dell products are of high quality and thoughtful design.

Dell is respected by both home and business users. It produces products under such well-known brands as XPS, Inspiron, OptiPlex, Precision, Latitude, and Vostro.

Along with the models of laptops of well-known brands, products from new manufacturers appear on the market, which also produces competitive products. However, the classics remain classics and modern users retain confidence in well-known world-renowned companies.

Dell is one of the largest American technology companies in the world and manufactures desktops, laptops, and other equipment. Dell is known for its approach to manufacturing and direct selling to order. The main reason Dell is a leader in the laptop market is its exceptional customer service. A satisfied customer will usually be a repeat customer, and the developers understand this. Dell is pleased to announce the launch of a new family of S Series home monitors.

The new monitors – bezel-less and glare less – continue to combine sleek looks, intuitive controls, and high performance. They differ from the previous models by significant improvements in terms of image rendering: even greater clarity of pictures, increased color contrast, richer reproduction of color shades. Taken together, these features of the new Dell S Series monitors create a unique environment for their owners for a variety of media entertainment and business purposes, including working with graphics.

Dell ™ Display Manager technology keeps you productive with quick access to software such as Auto Mode, which allows you to select your preferred color mode for each application. All the advantages of Full HD resolution are not a secret for anyone. In this line, it is 1920 x 1080. The screen is, as it should be, widescreen, 16: 9.

The purpose of Dell Display Manager

Dell Display Manager is a proprietary utility for configuring and managing Dell monitors. With its help, you can change the resolution, brightness, contrast, divide the screen into working areas, control video inputs and work with multiple monitors. The program only works with Dell monitors manufactured after 2013.

The main window of Dell Display Manager displays basic information – monitor model, resolution, mode (automatic or manual). Here you can also change the brightness and contrast of the screen.

Depending on the monitor model, Dell Display Manager can divide the screen into zones (up to 48). Each of these zones will open a separate application, which makes them easier to work with and makes them more organized. More than 35 different layouts are available in total.

In addition, Dell Display Manager has other capabilities. For example, you can customize the screen behavior for each application separately. You can also control video inputs – switch between them, give each a name. The program supports working with 16 monitors at the same time.

Features of the program

  • Configuring and managing Dell monitors.
  • Change resolution, brightness, and contrast.
  • The ability to divide the screen into zones, in each of which a separate program will open.
  • Video input control.
  • Works with Dell monitors designed after 2013.