Dell or HP

Which laptop is better – Dell or HP?

A laptop is an irreplaceable thing in work, study, rest, and more. This is not a cheap item, and its choice must be approached responsibly. In addition, it is bought with the expectation that it will last more than 1 year. This article will help you decide on a purchase. There are two brands under consideration: Dell and HP. Which one is better?

How to buy the optimal laptop?

When choosing a laptop, every buyer is guided by certain points, so it is simply impossible to create a universal product that suits everyone. But it is quite possible to single out a few of the most successful models. The trump card of some is low cost, the advantage of others is high productivity, and still, others generally combine these criteria. Thanks to this, you can choose the optimal model for the price and functionality.

Each laptop, regardless of the manufacturer’s name, is unique in its own way. They may differ in capabilities, appearance, and other parameters. And it’s not even a matter of the company that produces the equipment. Even the same company has many different laptop models that it’s time to get confused.

DELL is the best laptop firm for the office

Many of the devices presented by Dell are in the budget category. Despite this, their quality is quite acceptable. Thus, the main advantage of the company is the favorable cost of the product. Recently, however, Dell has been delighting its consumers with high-end devices. It is unusual, comfortable, graceful, and lightweight. A distinctive feature is the 100% touch keyboard.

HP – notebooks with the perfect price-performance ratio

HP is an American company with a long and interesting history, which began back in 1939 when two friends (the first letters of whose name are present in the name) decided to create a common business. Of course, computers, and even more so laptops, did not exist in those years; the company specialized in the production of other equipment. Today it is a solid company with many devices on its account.

What are the differences?

So which is better: Dell vs HP? To understand this, there are few general words and descriptions; facts are needed. You should compare two similar models to understand what’s what. The first is the EliteBook 745 G2 from HP. The second model is DELL Vostro 3500.

The comparative characteristic is based on several main parameters:

  • Operating system. Both devices have the world-famous Windows operating system. But HP offers wider possibilities of choosing its variations. Users are even encouraged to install DOS instead. CPU. The top-end equipment of HP devices has the same number of processor cores.
  • For this indicator, laptops are equal. It is possible to purchase a device with up to 8 GB of RAM.
  • The HP notebook has a 14-inch display. Dell’s device also comes out ahead, offering users a 17.3-inch display.
  • Video card. The first device has a built-in video card. This makes it possible to significantly save battery power. However, there is also a disadvantage – low power. This will become a barrier if the user needs to work with resource-intensive applications. As for Dell, the manufacturer has equipped its own device with two video cards: built-in and discrete.
  • The HP laptop weighs less. But in this case, this is not an advantage. Lightness is achieved due to weaker internal equipment, smaller screens.